IMG_4310Hey there! Glad you dropped by, Welcome to Kaapidaw.

So let me start with a confession or may be more confessions.

  • I am Addicted to good food
  • I have a caffeine addiction, more specific to South Indian Filter Coffee aka Kaapi & Ginger Tea. The rest fails to seek my attention.
  • I can be the best of both worlds. I can binge eat and gain weight or eat healthy and lose the same, but I end up choosing the former.
  • I have done N number of kitchen disasters and no I am not going to lie I am perfect.

Okay! Now that I am done confessing in bullet points let me continue the same in paragraphs along with how, when and why I started cooking.

I started off with toasting bread & chappathi in 3rd grade with mom next to me and started with instant noodles and soups in 4th grade all alone! I somehow believe cooking has been in my genes. I hail from a hotelier family!

It is also the love for good food that got me into the kitchen. And I believe making food from scratch!

Even though I had been cooking for quite a while I had never thought I would be able to cook on a regular basis because Sambar & Rasam were my Mom’s Empire and I never tried my good hands on it. It’s only 3 years back when my mom had to be away from home for 6 months I got hold of the kitchen entirely.

I will never forget my first ever disaster. I was in 4th grade and did not know the difference between pepper and asafoetida. I was done making the instant soup and was excited to add asafoetida instead of pepper coz it was in a shaker just like how pepper is served in restaurants :p


What does Kaapidaw has to offer you ?

Kaapidaw has a lot to offer whether you have keen interest for cooking or not.

Okay let me use the bullets again so that it is more clear and not draggy.

  • Recipes of yum food, authentic to not so authentic. Most of the recipes are sure going to be my version. I believe that there is no perfect method to cook as long as it satisfies your senses.
  • Best of recipes which are fool-proof, tested and verified by foodies along with Tips & Tricks to make your dishes better.
  • I also intend to provide different variation in which one dish could be prepared.
  • Recipe videos will be posted once a week, mostly the Friday.
  • Recipes will also be posted on request.

I promise to keep you posted with drool worthy pictures of Food.

Finally big Thanks to my Parents, Husband and friends for showing so much love and support without which this is so not possible.