Garlic Butter Naan


All purpose flour 375 gm.
Wheat Flour 125 gm.
Active Dry Yeast ½ Tsp.
Sugar 1 Tsp.
Salt To taste
Garlic 4-5 Pods minced
Butter 2 Tbsp.
Coriander 1-2 Tbsp. Chopped
Green chillies 1 Tsp. minced


  • To a large mixing bowl add wheat flour, all purpose flour, sugar, salt to taste, and dry active yeast. Mix them together.
  • Add warm water (around 1-1 ½ cups) mix well and bring the mixture to the kitchen surface to knead it.
  • Knead for a minimum of 8-12 minutes to make smooth dough. The longer you knead smoother the dough.
  • Brush a spoon of oil, place the dough in a bowl where there‘s enough space to rise. Cover the bowl with a plate/lid/cling wrap.
  • Rest it for a minimum of 2- 4 hours in room temperature (if its cold allow it for 6-8hrs) the dough should rise up and double its size.
  • Dust some flour and punch the dough couple of times (do not knead)
  • Divide the dough to make naans. Make smooth balls and roll it thicker than usual paratha.
  • To make it garlic naan to a cup add minced garlic, melted butter (not ghee) chopped coriander & Green chilies. Mix well and brush it over the rolled dough.
  • Brush water on the other side and cook in low-medium flame. Do not flip. Wait for the air bubbles. Flip the other side directly over the flame. Add butter and serve hot.
  • This recipe will make around 8-10 naans.


Tips & Variation:

  • The dough is a basic dough to make Kulchas, masala kulchas and stuffed kulchas.
  • This can also be oven baked. Bake it in pre heated oven for 5-6 minutes in 220C.

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