Strawberry Cheesecake Shake



Milk 3/4th Cup
Condensed Milk 1 Tsp.
Cream Cheese 2 Tbsp.
Frozen Strawberries 1 cup
Strawberry Compote 1 Tsp.
Heavy Cream 2 Tbsp.
Whipped Cream To Taste
Digestive Biscuit 1 (Crushed)
Whole fresh Strawberry 1


  • To a blender all the ingredients excluding Whipped Cream, crushed digestive biscut and fresh strawberry.
  • Blend all ingredients to thick smooth shake.
  • Transfer it to a serving glass and top it with whipped cream, crushed biscuit and fresh strawberry.



Tips & Variation:

  • Feel free to add other berried or cherry of your choice to make your favourite variant of cheese cake shake.
  • Condensed milk can be replaced with a tablespoon of sugar.
  • Strawberry sauce or Jam works great as replacement instead of strawberry compote.
  • Make sure all the ingredients are used right out of the refrigerator and are cold.


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