Rajma Masala

A must try extremely simple Red kidney bean gravy that tastes perfect with rice or with any Indian flat bread.

Baingan Bharta

Extremely simple and flavour rich eggplant recipe that would taste great with any Indian flat bread or steamed rice.

Masal Vadai

A must try South Indian Fried snack that bursts with flavours. Completely Vegan and gluten free snack rich in Protein as well as our dear friend carbs.


Simple & easy Dosa variety that is extremely flavourful and spicy. Must try protein rich recipe.

Mysore Rasam

A must try Flavourful and aromatic Rasam variety.

Instant Raw Mango Pickle

Make these extremely simple and can never go wrong recipe to make Raw mango pickle instantly to serve with your parathas or rice.

Palak & Pudhina Pulao

Try this extremely simple and healthy one pot meal with goodness of Spinach and flavours from Mint and Indian spices.

Garlic Milagu Kuzhambu

One of my most favourite dishes that my Mom makes. The recipe is an inspiration from my mother’s Milagu Kuzhambu recipe.

Ratatouille – Pixar inspired.

Inspired from the movie Ratatouille is this delicious French vegetable casserole. Eggplant, zucchini & Tomatoes layered on a bed of flavourful Peppers & Tomato Sauce.